Back to ancient times people have been using asbestos to build products and all sorts of materials. In the early 1900’s asbestos became known as a miracle products for the attributes it added to many building material. The miracle substance was used as an additive to many products for its toughness and flame resistance abilities.

Chrysotile is known to be used more than any other  types of asbestos and is responsible for approximately 95% of buildings that were built with asbestos. The material Chrysotile is the most flexible type and can be made into multiple fabric materials. This material can be located in ceiling tiles and floor tiles. It was made into powder material and mixed with water will create a durable cement. Image how many building the United State that contain these building materials. It is know to be used as a plaster as well and many worker that mix the compound and/or smooth out the compound are at major risk of being exposed without proper respiratory breathing gear. There are numerous other materials that contained this type of asbestos. Regarding its flame resistance abilities the material was coated to protect high temperature equipment including gaskets, pipe insulation, brake linings and residential roof shingles.

The “miracle” material was used at a large scale during the 19th century. The popularity in the material brought in multiple companies in to start mining the mineral. The use of this material became widespread all over the United States. The asbestos industries seemed to not inform the public about the consequences on asbestos exposure and the disease that major of people that inhaled large amount of asbestos can receive.

Currently the use of asbestos containing materials have been banned from the united states since the 1970’s but U.S. citizens are still at risk of exposure. Many buildings that are demolished have all sorts of asbestos material within the buildings. Understanding if you are at risk of asbestos exposure and you are not provide the proper gear to work within the exposure you may want to contact your local state health and safety department and explain your concerns.

If you or a loved one have history of working with or have been exposed to certain products related to asbestos you may be entitled to compensation. If you have recently been diagnosed with an asbestos related disease or mesothelioma the team at Mesowatch will connect you with the¬†best mesothelioma lawyers and provide free legal advice and medical specialist recommendations. It is urgent to act as soon as possible to ensure the trust funds available can assist you throughout the unfortunate time in yours or loved one’s life.