When researching what is talc and seeing if talcum powder has been linked to the cause of a health disease cancer, it is important to understand the difference between talc that contains asbestos and talc that does not include asbestos. Talcum powder that has asbestos is officially known to cause cancer if it is inhaled. It wasn’t until 1973 that laws required commercial talcum products to be asbestos-free. With some of the cancers caused by talcum powder, such as the rare disease mesothelioma, usually patients diagnosed due not occur symptoms of this disease until the the symptoms are advanced.

Researchers use 2 main types of studies to try to figure out if a substance or exposure
causes cancer.

Lab studies conducted in the laboratory, they expose animals to a variety of substances and usually in large doses to see if it causes health problems. Even though it is not known if the results from these animal research studies will be the same to people, but lab research conducted will give the Nation’s more evidence and possibly even more way to treat patients diagnosed with a deadly disease of lung cancer or other cancers.

Research studies in humans look at cancers in a variety of humans. Many studies will compare the cancer in a particular group of humans that have been exposed to a certain substance and compare to another group of humans that have not been exposure to the same substance. There are many other factors might affect the results and it is not clear if the effects and treatment will produce progress in patient diagnosis.

Researchers usually in all cases when looking for what causes cancer will look at both lab-based and human-based studies.